We have been working over the past few months, with a new client in a rather unexpected area.

Who would have thought that a small company in Cornwall would be now working in Scotland, 3000ft up a mountain!!!

After some conversations about training, to up-skill the workforce in a remote area, the client decided to employ our medical services.  We now provide emergency medical response cover, for a large Wind Farm Construction site. Our medics are working in a remote area, up a mountain ready to deal with emergencies as they happen. The medics have already been in action responding to incidents. Our teams have set up a medical room for treatment, and have various equipment kits available.

We have kitted them out with all the equipment to sustain life, until they can be evacuated off by the emergency services. The team have already run emergency scenarios that were planned by us with the clients, and all worked well.

This is the start of a new side for the business, so we can provide a fully managed service to cover all your event medical needs, so give us a call to discuss your requirements. We will talk through what your thoughts are, and then come up with a cost effective solution for you.

We have staff available at all levels of training, First aiders, First Response Emergency Care (FREC) level 3 and 4, Offshore medics, and Paramedics. All come fully kitted and insured.

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If we can do it in Scotland we can do it anywhere, so what you waiting for, professional and cost effective service.

Give us a call on 01726 932293 or email simon@ctcmedicalservices.co.uk