Event calculator

Our Event First Aid Calculator works with the HSE guide on how many medical staff are required under the HSE purple guide to have on-site at your event. Please fill out the Event  Calculator details and we will supply a quote based on the legal requirements. Check out our Cover options for your event

By completing the Event First Aid Calculator form below, you will know what the HSE will require you to have on-site for the medical or First Aid Cover, along with being able to advise the local council for the permits for the event, what cover you will have on-site.

Demonstrations / marches / political events

Score Conversion Table

ScoreFirst AiderAmbulances / Ambulance PersonnelDoctorNurseAmbulance ManagerSupport Unit
< 2040 / 00000
21-2561 / 200VISIT0
26-3081 / 200VISIT0
31-35122 / 81210
36-40203 / 102410
41-50404 / 123621
51-60604 / 124821
61-65805 / 1451031
66-701006 / 1661242
71-7515010 / 2491863
> 75200+15+ / 35+12+24+8+3

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